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NAVEEN PUBLIC SCHOOL was established in 1995 and since then it has been training the flame of NAVEEN PUBLIC SCHOOL excellence and creating new breakthrough in the world of education. The school’s building and environment are testimony to the fact that the place is more than an educational institution. It not only teaches, but grooms the future of India. The school’s infrastructure has been structured to engineer holistic development of a child. Naveen Public School, Village Nithari Delhi, has boldly stepped into its adulthood and has also kept pace in terms with its reputation and achievements in every field. It has kept up its name of being a Sreshtha. The school not merely works towards living up to its name, but envisions moving beyond it, our aim is therefore to become ‘the Sarv Sreshtha’ in the truest sense of the term. Therefore we aspire for new goals each year and put our best foot forward to work in the same till the goals are reached. The teachers always make their utmost efforts to keep their students at par or ahead of their times. Thus, they experiment with new ideas and strategies and improvise methods whereby the students can get the extra edge. Much of what the school has gained is due to their commitment. Teachers here work constantly in imparting knowledge in the most innovative ways using different strategies and technology. They are engaging students in various ways through projects to give hands on experience. Yes, Naveen Public School Village Nithari is leading from the forefront. As per the HT survey it is one of the top schools of East Delhi and according to the Naveen Public School analysis it has been put into the excellent category. The school Annual Board Results proves the claim.